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Friendly Point Of Sale Solutions

We want the small shops and restaurants to have an awesome Point Of Sale experience. We have our POS software which has touch friendly and intuitive UI and it can run on both Windows and Linux at the moment. One of the most flexible options that we give our customers is that they can create any number of users and any feature can be assigned to any user leading to a customizable user permission model. This is required because we know that not all restaurants or small shops have same requirements and all users are not allowed to access all the information.

Another option that we provide is that if our software doesn't suit your requirements we can develop a customized POS solution exclusively for you that fits your requirement.


GravityRetail is Point Of Sale software which suits to a small scale or medium scale industry. This software allows the distributor to enter the purchases done from manufacturer and sell them to their customers (retailers or walk-in customers).

Software keeps track of the goods movement right from Purchase to Bill cancellation including all basic modules required by a Retail Shop. GravityRetail is integrated with payment module. This helps the distributor to cross check with their customers for pending payments.

Online order

Online ordering is a web based application designed using PHP/MySql and UI with Ext JS. To meet client requirements developed with MVC architecture.

  • Upload order through Excel sheet along with normal place order.
  • Upload products through Excel sheet.
  • Generate DC against order.
  • Product price, tax based on users.
  • Branch wise report.

About GravitySoft

GravitySoft provides top-notch digital solutions with user-friendly interface. We are confident of delivering the high standards of quality and execution excellence to our clients with track record in Internet Marketing/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service as well.


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